Most homes that are built in metropolitan areas are connected to the city sewer system but homes that are built in rural areas are typically connected to a different system, also known as septic tank system. The size of a tank will usually be issued, specifying the number of bedrooms a house may have that is to be built on the lot, for which the permit is being issued.

Septic systems are self-contained systems that work as sewer collection stations. The most common systems have a holding tank and the septic system usually varies in size and shape in order to accommodate the needs of the family living in the dwelling.

Pricing For Septic Systems

The price will vary greatly on various factors, such as, the size of the tank, size of the overall project, whether the project will involve massive quantities of concrete, size of the leach field system, level of difficulties to build the whole system, how long it will take to get it done, permits, parts and overall costs.

Also, the price will change greatly depending on the size of the company involved in the project. A larger organization usually charges more than a smaller company, however, the quality of the service to be delivered will also vary greatly, depending on the size and reliability of the company involved.

Typically, a new septic tank installation will cost anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000 to install a conventional system in most areas. A septic tank system might last many years. Some systems can last 50 years, while others might only last 10 years.

Another pricing factor to consider is maintenance. Maintenance is performed by pumping the tank and power pressure washing it. It can be literally years between times when maintenance is needed but some jurisdictions might require the tank to be pumped regularly. The cost to pump a septic system will depend on the size of the tank but, it can vary between $350 to $850 or even more.

It is worth investing a couple of hundred of dollars to assure that you don’t have a big problem on your hands than to find out later that you will need a whole new system to be installed. The key point here is to spend a little now and save a lot later.

These are all factors that you will need to consider when evaluating the actual costs of installing a septic system. As it is with any home improvement task, your mileage may vary. In order to maintain your new septic system in top working order, try using some of our septic system cleaning products. Contact us today for more information.

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