Many residential septic issues originate from problems that can be avoided and prevented with the right in-home septic system care. Prevention can help reduce septic tank repair and replacement costs later on down the road. Particularly, taking special efforts to prevent septic issues in your kitchen is just as important as preventing septic problems in the bathroom. Here are four tips for septic system care and prevention for your kitchen at home:

Avoid the Garbage Disposal

There may be some convenience to having a garbage disposal in the home, but it isn’t a healthy option for homes with septic systems. This is because food particles that don’t fully dissolve can enter your septic tank and cause clogs and damage to your leach field. Food scraps should be thrown away in the trash.

Use a Strainer

This is a very simple, but effective way to protect the entrance of your drains. Using strainers over your drains help collect and trap solid materials from entering and clogging your pipes and plumbing. This helps scraps from getting into the septic tanks and reduces backups and damage to your leach field.

Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

Grease is a terrible substance to introduce into your drain, as it will harden and stick to pipe walls and build up in your septic system, leading to clogs. This is true for oils and fats, too, so don’t believe grease to be the only culprit. Grease traps are efficient for restaurants and commercial locations that use a lot of grease. In your own, you can prevent grease buildup in your septic system by disposing of it in the garbage.

Keep Up On Your Septic System Maintenance

In addition to following the above tips, you can also prevent issues within your septic tank by ensuring that your system gets the routine septic maintenance that it needs. Solid waste can build up over time, leading to necessary septic system pumping and inspection. During this time, a septic system professional will assess the health of your septic tank and suggest any repairs should there be an issue.

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