Septic systems are more of an investment than people may know. New systems can cost between $5,000 and $10,000, which is why it is crucial that septic system owners protect their investments. Improper septic system maintenance, parking vehicles on drain fields, and overwhelming septic systems can all lead to septic system failure. Homeowners do their best to safeguard their septic systems by avoiding such negative practices, but there is one factor many people fail to consider.

Aging trees can have excessively complex root systems that, if planted too closely, can disrupt drain field operations. There are also particular plants known to have more invasive roots than others that septic system owners should avoid planting near the drain field.

Invasive roots will stop at nothing to locate a water source. That means that making their way through the porous pipes in the drain field is not off limits. Use these tips as a guide to keeping tree roots away from the drain field.

Be Proactive

Homeowners considering installing a septic system should hire an experienced septic contractor. They can identify safe installation locations for the various units of the septic system including the septic tank and drain field. They can also point out if and how any existing foliage can become an issue.

Many homes have septic systems already installed. When considering planting around the drain field, one should first identify safe bushes, shrubs, and trees that will not disrupt the system. This can help prevent any unforeseeable drain field issues.

Do Research

Homeowners should educate themselves on all facets of the septic system when they purchase homes with on-site wastewater treatment. They can start by locating the septic tank, drain field, and other units of the septic system. Doing so can help the homeowner monitor the system and diagnose problems when they arise.

In reference to the drain field, septic system owners should find out if invasive roots were a problem for the previous homeowner. If so, they should remove the tree and look into safer alternatives. By doing the necessary research, an owner can prevent possible septic issues.

Create Physical Barriers

Physical root barriers are a viable option for drain field protection. They can be purchased online and installed by the homeowner or a professional. This can only help if tree roots have yet to infiltrate the septic system. If they have, the homeowner should hire a professional to inspect the septic system.

Invasive tree roots should not be the only worrying factor for homeowners. An improperly functioning septic tank can allow sludge to flow into drain field pipes and flood the drain field. Maxx’s Products is an effective septic tank additive that releases millions of enzymes and bacteria to help break down sludge. All of our products are eco-friendly and promote a healthy system. Browse our septic products and place an order today!