Potential Complications:

In some situations where your septic tank system has failed, you may have to replace old sewage lines to make sure that there are not cracks or access points for roots to reenter your septic tank. This will prevent future blockages by trees attempting to enter your tank through open access joints. This will also require a trained technician working with a reputable septic tank repair company to complete the sewage line replacements and ensure that your septic tank returns to proper working order.

Preventing the Problem:

Once tree roots have entered your septic tank system, they can be hard to remove and may lead to costly repairs. The most effective way of treating the problem is through prevention. Get to know your septic system and figure out where each component of your septic system, such as your drainfield and your sewage tank, are located on your property. Your local records department may be able to assist you if you do not have a map of the septic system in your home. Also be sure to check your drainfield. Assess the type of landscaping that is connected to your property, as well as how many trees, bushes, and types of vegetation your property has. If you do have many trees on your property, you will want to remove them from the area in which your drainfield is located. It is only acceptable to plant short-root grasses over your drainfield; other plants with deep roots present a potential hazard and should not be planted. Planting short-root grasses over your drainfield can actually help prevent erosion of the soil without creating a sewage blockage from extensive root growth. When you remove surrounding trees and bushes from your drainfield, also be sure to remove stumps and roots as well. Certain trees can continue growing under the soil even if the trunk, branches, and leaves are removed. Never rely on abrasive chemicals to kill roots under the surface, as these may seep into your drainfield and into your septic system. Prevention of root buildup in your septic tank can save you hundreds in repair costs and help your septic system remain healthy and durable for years to come.

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