Spring brings green growth, expanding roots, and other vegetation that may get into your septic tank and cause problems. While the outside environment of your lawn may not seem like a threat to your septic system, the roots of trees can infiltrate your septic tank leading to damage and costly repair. With this guide, you will understand how trees and shrubs pose a hazard to your septic system and what you can do to treat and prevent the problem.

How it Starts

In a natural environment, tree roots enter a septic system through tiny cracks and joins within the septic pipes. Eventually, enough of the tree root gets into the tank and sewage blockage and backup begin to occur. Without treatment, the roots can continue to grow into your septic system, further blocking the pipes and potentially causing cracks which can leak sewage into your backyard. If the roots accumulate and your septic tank pipes do become severely blocked, you will experience slow drainage and your septic system may fail. Expensive costs are associated with repairing failed septic systems, so it’s best to prevent tree roots from inhabiting your septic tank instead of treating the problem after the fact.

How to Fix it

When you discover that your septic system has failed, you may be tempted to pour an abrasive chemical down your septic drain in order to kill the roots. This however, is never a good idea as you will be subjecting your septic system to more harm than good. These chemicals are only meant for small roots and will likely not solve the problem of a major root blockage in your septic system. The safest route to repairing a failed septic tank system is to contact a trusted septic repair service that is trained and licensed to perform service in your area.

A professional septic tank repair company will send trained technicians to inspect your septic tank system and suggest an effective solution to clear your blocked septic pipes. In most situations, the septic tank technician will need to use an auger, which cuts roots and removes them to clear the blocked sewage. If not treated carefully, roots may regrow and cause additional blockages in your septic tank system.

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