Your septic tank is a vital part of your home. Without it, most of the gunk running down your drains wouldn’t have anywhere to go, and your house – as well as your neighborhood – could suffer awful smells. At the same time, nobody likes being reminded that their septic tank is around. It’s something that should be running in the background, undisturbed, while not disturbing you or your guests. Unfortunately, sometimes your septic tank will be visible in your yard or your garden, and you can’t just pick it up and move it in the corner. Crafty homeowners have taken to hiding or disguising their septic tanks to keep their outdoor feng shui in shape.

Surrounding Your Septic Tank With Plants

Most large trees and bushes don’t have great relationships with septic systems. Thirsty plant life can have aggressive roots that will grow towards the septic tank, and sometimes pierce it. A broken septic tank can mean costly damages, and sometimes you may have to replace the whole system. While this depends on where your septic tank is, a potted plant can act as a good cover for the septic tank’s cap. The pot will stop the roots from penetrating the septic tank, and you get some nice greenery to compliment your yard, while your septic tank lid stays hidden.

Covering Your Septic Tank With Rocks

Spreading out small, light rocks is a good way to cover your septic tank, as they can be easily moved if you need to do any maintenance to the septic system. A nice rock garden can be a great addition to your yard. What you should avoid is using topsoil over your septic tank. While topsoil is initially even lighter than rocks, it can freeze over in the winter months. Those same cold months are known to sometimes give septic systems performance issues, and the last thing you want to do is drive a pickaxe into hard dirt when you need to open your septic tank.

Eye Catching Decorations

Sometimes you want to put a more unique flair to your backyard or garden. The good news is that something like a statue or a garden gnome can hide your septic tank quite effectively. These items usually distract the eye from the bottom, where the septic tank lid is. Do take care to have the statue not be too heavy. If you’re thinking about putting up a fence for a garden, first of all, never have fruits or vegetables grow near a septic system, as the toxins can leak over. Second, keep that fencing away, as a fence that is dug in too deep can penetrate the pipes that are attached to your septic tank.

These tips on how to hide your septic tank should help keep the outdoor space around your house looking nice without breaking anything. If you’re still experiencing issues with your septic system, it may be that your septic system has become clogged up. Our Maxx’s Products cleaning product helps clear blockages and improves the health of septic systems. Contact us today for more information!

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