Is it safe to use a garbage disposal if I have a septic tank? We hear that question fairly often and the answer isn’t so simple. Your garbage disposal can be an effective appliance in your kitchen when used properly. The most important rule to understand when owning a garbage disposal is it is NOT just an extra trash can. The more you use it, the more likely you are to damage your septic system, even if it’s used correctly. When improper use is combined with frequent usage, it can mean bad news for your septic system.

Most people don’t have a solid understanding of how to use their garbage disposal properly and end up using it like they would a trash can, throwing vegetables, grease, and leftover food down the disposal on a daily basis. What happens to the organic materials once they’re through the disposal? If your house has a septic system then it all ends up in the septic tank.

If you’re lucky, a good amount of the organic material will be broken down by the bacteria in the septic tank, taking up less room in the tank than the un-broken down material. Regardless, both the broken down and the un-broken down organic material will begin to accumulate in the tank and build up over time. This is where you can begin to see issues with your septic system.

When your septic tank is full of leftover organic materials it can offset the balance of the essential bacteria that lives there. This will directly affect your system’s ability to treat wastewater effectively. In extreme cases, material can flow through your system and into your drainfield. When solid materials and sludge build up in your drainfield it can cause your system to backup or even fail altogether. This would cause you to have to repair or even replace your entire septic system. This is very expensive to do and can be easily avoided with proper care.

Instead of using your garbage disposal for all your food scrapings, consider starting a compost pile. This can help take some of the load off your disposal and create all natural fertilizer for your yard.

To give your septic system an extra boost, try using Maxx’s Products. It’s an all natural system additive that helps replenish bacteria and protease levels in your tank. While being 100% all natural and safe for your pets and the environment! Give us a call at Maxx’s Products today at 800-397- 2384 and get a free trial. We have experienced septic system professionals ready to help you with your septic system issues.

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