Proper maintenance should be of the utmost importance to any septic tank owner. A properly functioning septic tank separates sludge from wastewater, the latter of which is then pumped out into the drainfields.

The sludge that settles at the bottom of the septic tank must be pumped out regularly to avoid any malfunctions. The perceived simplicity of maintaining a septic system can be enough to lead you to consider doing your own maintenance. What you may fail to realize are the health hazards of cleaning your own septic system.

Toxic Fumes

For starters, the sludge in your septic system is toxic. Methane gas is produced by the contents of your septic tank and are explosive. If you were to simply light a cigarette near an exposed septic tank, a fire can easily spark and have many irreversible consequences. These fumes can also cause damage without being sparked.

Inhaling fumes can be enough to leave you feeling dizzy and potentially cause you to faint. Passing out near an exposed septic tank is extremely dangerous, as you continue to inhale the fumes while unconscious, further intoxicating your system. You also run the risk of falling into the septic tank which can be fatal.

Along with methane, nitrate can come from a failing septic system. Nitrate, when ingested, can interfere with the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. The result of this can be methemoglobinemia.

Contaminated Drinking Water

Contaminated drinking water can also be the result of cleaning your own system. There are septic system professionals for a reason. They will run all of the tests to make sure that your septic system is functioning properly and will take the necessary ensuing steps to address any issues. You may not be fully informed on what to look out for and only graze the surface of what it means to properly clean a septic system. This raises the risks of your system backing up and waste water running through your sinks, baths, and any other outlets.

Proper septic tank maintenance is crucial to your health. We advise that you allow a professional to regularly maintain your septic system to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. However, there are ways you can help keep your septic tank clean and promote proper functionality without ever lifting the lid.

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