A drainfield leak that is left unfixed can pose quite a problem, both to your septic system and the environment. A leaky drainfield can cause your entire yard to smell like septic waste and it can leak potentially environmentally hazardous waste into the ground. Eventually, this leak may even work its way into and pollute nearby groundwater. Unfortunately, in most cases, by the time you notice a drainfield system leak, it’s already been leaking for a very long time. However, there are a few tell-tale signs of a drainfield leak that you may want to look out for. These steps will help you find a drainfield leak before it’s too late:

Look for Patches of Overgrown Grass

When a drainfield leaks near grass, the waste in the water that is being released acts as a natural fertilizer to the grass. Over time, this constant supply of nutrient-rich water will work it’s way to the grass’ roots and cause the grass to grow taller and greener. If you see patches of overgrown grass in your yard, this could be a sign that your drainfield is leaking directly underneath the patch of grass.

Are There Any Smells Coming from Your Yard?

Generally speaking, it does not take long after a drainfield starts to leak for the smell to work it’s way up through the ground and into your yard. If for some reason you suspect your drainfield of having a leak, take a walk around your yard. Make sure you walk around the entire area under which your drainfield is located. If during your walk you notice any odd smells stop and look around for any signs of overgrown grass, weeds, or shrubs. If you can spot any of those in the same area where the smell is coming from, you can make a fairly sure bet that your drainfield is leaking underneath.

Call a Professional

If even after following these steps, you still can’t find the source of your drainfield leak, come back in a few days and check again. Sometimes it takes a little while for the signs of a leak to start emerging. If you still are unsuccessful, you may want to call a professional.

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