Septic tanks house everything from human waste to wastewater which can sit for an extended period of time before being pumped. Septic tanks are designed to contain the waste and the odor that accompanies it. A malfunctioning septic system will release the odor into the home, endangering all residents as septic fumes are toxic and highly flammable. There are a multitude of factors that may be to blame for the odor depending on the source.

Septic systems’ sole function is to hold and break down waste. When substances are flushed or run down the drain, they flow through pipes into the septic tank. Sludge sinks to the bottom as the wastewater flows through the drain field. The sludge that settles at the bottom of the tank is broken down by microorganisms and bacteria to make for seamless pumping. All septic tanks are designed to have vents installed to ensure that the toxic gasses do not build up. The gasses from the tank are to flow through the pipes of the home and through the main vent stack which is likely on the roof.

If the vent stack were to ever become clogged or obstructed, the fumes would continue to flow throughout the home’s’ plumbing system and eventually out through faucets and drains. Anything from tree debris to a wasp’s nest can be the reason behind an obstructed vent. By simply removing the obstruction, the fumes should begin to naturally flow out of the vent. A fully functional vent stack can still release odors into the home if it is poorly placed or too short. This issue can be resolved by having the stack extended.

A chemical imbalance in the septic tank is a more common issue than a vent disruption when it pertains to odors. This is likely to come as a result of inappropriate items being in the septic tank. Items such as condoms, hair, fats, oils, and grease cannot be digested by septic tank bacteria. Septic tank bacteria breaks down the waste and creates toxic methane gasses as a byproduct. The pH level in the tank becomes so acidic that the bacteria can no longer break down the sludge, releasing hydrogen sulfide.

This can be fixed by first having the pH balance corrected. Once corrected, the septic tank owner should use an additive that can replenish bacteria levels so that there is enough to digest the waste build up. Maxx’s Products is that additive. This product will replenish bacteria and protease levels in failing septic tanks, eliminating pungent septic tank odors for a clear and healthy septic system. By flushing two biodegradable tablets down the toilet furthest away from the septic tank, one can expect a refreshed and refined septic system. Call (800) 397-2384 today to discover how to get a free trial of our premium septic tank products.

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