Thanksgiving is a time for getting the family together, saying what you’re thankful for, and feasting. As we try our best to devour as much as possible, plenty of food still ends up in the trash and even in the sink on half-eaten plates of food. The everyday person probably wouldn’t think twice about flipping that switch to activate the trash disposal, but septic system owners do not have that freedom.

Unlike those whose homes run off of public sewerage, septic system owners have on-site wastewater treatment. This means that they pull water from the well, dispose of it in the septic tank, and return it to groundwater through the drain field. The issue of trash disposals presents itself as, rather than being carried to a central treatment plant, septic owners’ plumbing all leads to the septic tank. The presence of additional solid waste to septic tanks is harmful for multiple reasons.

Possible Clogs

Excess solid waste that has not been broken down can easily find itself gathering around the inlet to the septic tanks. With the amount of waste that can find its way down the drain after a Thanksgiving dinner, the effects of this can become apparent a few short days later.

Signs of clogged drains include:

  • Slow flushing
  • Pooling in bathtub
  • Gurgling noise coming from kitchen sink
  • Reversed water flow
  • Toilet water bubbles when sink water runs
  • Foul odors coming from drains

Overwhelms Septic Bacteria

Septic tank bacteria is in place to break down sludge. It does so by producing enzymes that attach themselves to the solid waste and feed on it until it is no more. This helps the septic system function properly as liquid waste or effluent can flow through the outlet and into drain field pipes for treatment.

When there is more sludge in the tank than the bacteria can keep up with, it is allowed to sit and accrue. If you do not have your septic system pumped soon thereafter, the additional solid waste will float to the surface of the tank and force itself into drain field pipes. This can contaminate supposedly “treated wastewater” and may even cause pipes to burst.

Even if you were to pump your septic tank after the holidays, it would be depleted of much-needed septic bacteria. Maxx’s Products Trillion Tabs can replenish bacteria and enzymes in the septic tank while eliminating slow flushing and odors. Used in collaboration with Maxx’s Products Powder as a regular septic treatment, you can ensure a clear and fully functioning septic system. Get your hands on this Septic Combo when you place your order today!