Septic systems can only handle so much water at any given time. This is because as you use water, it flows into your septic tank. Your septic tank, in turn, slowly lets water flow into your drainfield, which deposits it over a large area of land for the ground to soak up. While your septic tank can take in water faster than it’s going out, once the tank fills up, you’ve got a problem. If you have a small residential septic tank and a growing family, it’s very easy to see how this may become an issue. Getting a larger tank installed would likely be a long and expensive undertaking so it may be best to give conservation a shot first.

Start By Repairing Any Leaks

A leaky faucet, wasteful toilet, or dripping shower head can all contribute significantly to overloading your septic tank. On top of that, they will also raise your water bill. An unyielding slow drip is generally worse than a short burst of water usage. We recommend that you double check all your faucets, toilets, showers, etc, for leaks and fix them. Once fixed, observe your septic tank to see if your overflow problems persist or have gone away. In addition, you may want to consider more efficient appliances like newer dishwashers or toilets that can do a better job while using less water.

Change Your Habits

There are two changes you could make to your routine which could help. First, consider spacing out your washing machine usage. We recommend you run full loads because separate smaller loads use more water. However, it’s better for your septic tank to run one large load a day for five days than to run five large loads in a single day because it gives your tank more time to drain between loads. Second, you can make small changes which cumulatively can have a big effect. Things like only running your dishwasher when it’s full and turning off the water while you brush your teeth can all help.

Check for Blockages

It’s also possible that the reason why your septic tank keeps overflowing is because you’ve got a partial blockage which is slowing down how quickly your tank is able to drain. Check for anything that could be obstructing your drainage on both your septic tank and drainfield.

If you suspect that you may have a blockage, try one of our septic additives. Our septic products promote overall septic health and help clear blockages. Call us at 800-397-2384 for more information.

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