When it comes to properly maintaining a septic system, preparing your system for seasonal weather changes is critical. Whether that entails increasing drainage in anticipation of a rainy season or winterizing your tank in preparation for an incoming snow, preparing your system for changes in weather is critical in the prevention of many septic system related issues. Of course, weather is not always predictable. What happens if you experience prolonged periods of unanticipated weather? Something like a week of rain during the dry season or an early snow, can throw all your preparation out the window and lead to septic issues. Here are some tips for dealing with unpredictable weather:

Keep An Eye On The Forecasts

If a prolonged period of unusual weather is on the way, chances are you’ll hear about it on the news. Things like hurricanes and tropical storms can be seen coming far ahead of time and this works to the advantage of every septic system owner. Keep up to date on any major weather events and adjust your septic maintenance routine accordingly.

Hope For The Best But Plan For The Worst

It may sound cliche, but better safe than sorry. If you see a forecast for heavy rain in the middle of dry season, it’s best to prepare your septic system as if it were rainy season. Reduce your water usage and double check that your drainfield is draining as efficiently as possible (don’t tolerate any clogging). If it does rain in unusually high amounts, you’ll be ready for it. If it doesn’t end up raining much, then no harm done.

Try Maxx’s Products Products

One great way of maintaining your septic system all year-round, regardless of the weather, is by taking advantage of our Maxx’s Products cleaning products. Our products help to ensure your septic system is running at maximum efficiency at all times and minimize the chances of a problem, even in the face of prolonged unexpected weather. Contact us at 800-397-2384 for more information.