Many things can lead to drain field problems in the typical residential household. When you do suspect that there may be problems with your septic tank or septic system, it is recommended that you contact a septic contractor to have it inspected. Since it is difficult to diagnose a septic problem individually without a professional, having a basic idea of what may be causing your drain field issue is helpful. Here are some examples of drain field problems which may be happening within your septic system:

Past Due Maintenance

When you neglect your septic system, sludge that builds up normally over time can begin to pose a problem. For the health of your septic tank, always ensure that it receives routine pumping and maintenance.

Tree Roots

In the typical home, tree roots seem relatively harmless, but they can wreak havoc on your drainfield and septic pipes if allowed entrance into your septic system. It’s very important to plant trees a significant distance away from septic system components and your drain field, as trees will be attracted to the water and will actually grow towards your septic system.

Grease and Oils

It is never recommended to pour down grease, oils, or fats of any kind down your home drains as they can lead to clogs and buildups in your drain pipes. Always dispose of oils and fats in the trash, but never allow grease into your septic system.

Old Systems

When the septic system on a property is outdated and old, it may lead to inefficiency of dealing with the demands of a modern home with many occupants. If your septic system is too old to function, a septic system replacement is the best solution.

Sludge Buildup

The proper elimination of sludge in your septic tank depends on a unique system of bacteria to reduce sludge, sulfite, and break down solids. When harmful and abrasive chemicals are introduced to the septic system, it kills off these necessary organisms, leading to sludge overload.

Vehicle Damage

The typical residential drain field is not built to withstand heavy weight loads, and can become damaged when vehicles park on them. This is common problem with homes that have more vehicles than the driveway is able to accommodate. Parking on drain field sites also makes the soil compact, which is harmful to the septic system.

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