There are multiple types of septic tanks made up of various materials including cement, steel, and plastic, each of which has their advantages and drawbacks. Concrete tanks:

  • Have high effluent levels
  • Have a low risk of rising to the surface
  • Are approved in every state (contrary to plastic tanks)

Such benefits are why a majority of Americans choose to install concrete septic tanks over tanks of any other material. Despite all these benefits, if you have a concrete tank, you should also expect the possibility of your tank cracking in extreme conditions. This may result in costly leaks which can make maintaining a concrete septic tank particularly challenging. These simple tips may help you maintain your concrete septic tank and ward off cracking.

Reuse of Concrete Tanks

Concrete septic tanks have been used for a long while due to their durability. Although they are prone to crack, many individuals reuse old tanks to reduce repair and installation costs. Before you can reuse a concrete tank, it must be thoroughly inspected to ensure it is structurally sound.

After inspection, the concrete tank must be retrofitted with a liner applied to the inside. A sturdy liner guards a crack-prone concrete tank against leaks. It can also prevent corrosion which is the cause of many costly septic system failures.

Repair Minor Damages

You should address any minor damages to your concrete tank immediately. Doing so can prolong the life of your septic tank and prevent small issues from becoming massive. Typical concrete septic tank damages can include:

  • Cracked tops
  • Worn out pipe inlets and outlets
  • Damaged baffles

Regular Inspections

The key to a thriving septic system is upkeep. You need to maintain your septic tank through frequent pumpings and inspections. Pumpings consist of removing sludge from the tank while inspections look into the functionality of the entire system. Identifying issues early on can help you avoid extremely costly repairs in the long-run.

Proper septic system maintenance can help prolong the life of your septic tank. Be sure to use a septic tank additive that can effectively clear drain lines and replenish bacteria levels. Maxx’s Products offers eco-friendly septic tank products that can do so as well as eliminate unpleasant odors and reduce material build-up. Get your hands on a highly effective septic tank treatment when you place your order today.