Septic tank care and management is an important topic of discussion for any home. A septic system is a major system in the home and can have many major repercussions if it is not properly cared for. Fixing or replacing a damaged or failed septic system can be very costly, and can result in waste back up, foul odors in the home, and possible downtime for repairs. To help prevent septic system problems, use these three tips to help prevent septic emergencies.

Pump Regularly

Ensuring that your septic tank gets its regular routine pumps is very important to maintaining the health of your septic system. Sludge and solids that build up overtime should be pumped out of your tank frequently and as necessary. A septic tank service will evaluate the size of your tank, water usage, as well as the number of people in your home to determine the pumping frequency that is ideal for your septic tank.

Bacterial Additive

There is a wide community of bacteria that live in your septic tank which are vital in the process of breaking down wastes that build up in your septic tank. When harmful or abrasive chemicals such as detergents, bleaches, acids, fats, and disinfectants are introduced to the septic tank, it kills off the good bacteria working hard in your septic system. Bacterial additives help reintroduce the vital strains of bacteria that thrive in healthy septic tanks. Bacterial additives also help keep plumbing pipes clean and remove odors from garbage and sewage.

Use a Filter

Filters help catch and trap large solids and wastes in your septic tank before they have an opportunity to escape into the leach field. Clogs that reach the leach field often require excavation and replacement of pipes. Having this service done is rather expensive, but you can prevent this by installing a filter and making sure that your filter is cleaned whenever a technician visits your home for regular septic tank cleaning and maintenance.

Use these three tips, while following regular septic tank maintenance to save on repair costs on your septic system in the long run.

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