Don’t Think You Can Just Forget About It

Many new homeowners tend to be under the impression that they never really have to care for, or even think about their septic system. However, this could not be further from the truth. A septic system requires care and numerous simple but critical precautions from the homeowner in order to continue to function as it should. For example, any new homeowner with a septic tank should know never to pour fats, oils, or greases (FOGs) down their drains. These FOGs can cause plumbing blockages and cause a thick crust to form on the top layer of your septic tank.

Another example, every new homeowner with a septic system should be sure to clean their grease traps routinely in order to prevent FOGs from getting into their plumbing. Failure to follow these basic care guidelines and more can lead to thousands of dollars in septic repair expenses down the road.

Pump Your Septic Tank Every Several Years

Ideally, every septic tank should be pumped and cleaned every 2 to 5 years depending on the intensity of use. These cleanings can be a hasse and somewhat of an expense, however, the alternative in an unclean septic tank that may stop functioning and a much greater expense to fix the problem.

Avoid Using the Garbage Grinder

This may seem surprising to new homeowners who have not lived in a house with a septic system before: you should always avoid using your garbage grinder. This is because a garbage grinder ends up dumping all that garbage into your septic tank. Even though it may be ground, the garbage is still a solid. This can cause blockages in your septic tank. Extended disposal use can even end up causing a buildup of FOGs in your tank. One great environmentally friendly alternative to using a garbage grinder is to simply compost your scraps.

If you do ever run into any septic issues, we recommend you try one of our septic system cleaning products before jumping into a highly expensive repair process. Contact us today for more information.

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