Clogged drains are major problems for many homeowners. Dealing with a clogged drain is a huge hassle, but there are some quick fix tips you can implement to loosen up the clog in your drain for improved function. Symptoms of clogged drains include lack of water flow due to blockage or slow water draining. Preventing clogged drains from escalating into a more serious blockage is essential to mitigating damage to your drain pipes and preventing costly repairs in the long run. For simple clogs, consider implementing these quick fix tips:

Method 1: Natural Clog Fighters

When you notice a drain becoming clogged right away, you can use these in-home natural ingredients to loosen the buildup and fight the clog. This is done by combining a mixture of vinegar, water, and baking soda and allowing it to bubble before pouring it down the drain, where it will push a portion of what is clogging your drain, down the drain pipes. An alternative way to do this is to use caustic soda, which when combined with water can sit in your drain for 20 – 30 minutes until the buildup gradually begins to break down.

Method 2: The Scoop Method

Sometimes, you may be fortunate enough to dislodge a simple clog by scooping out some of the buildup that is causing the drain to clog. This can be done with the use of a wire hanger, which is bent on the end to create a “hook.” Once the hook is made, you can use the hanger to scoop out solids and hopefully unclog the drain. Note that, when using the hook, always be sure to scoop outwards, and never inwards into the drain. This can cause the blockage to be pushed further down the pipes.

Method 3: Dish Detergent

This particular method is especially helpful for clogs due to the buildup of grease and fat in your drain. Just like when you use dish detergent to remove grease from dishes and silverware, dish detergent also helps remove the grease, oil, and fat that gets clogged up in your drain.

These methods are simple, temporary solutions for clogged drains. If you discover that your drain is severely clogged, contact a professional septic repair service to inspect your drain and offer helpful recommendations.

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