Heavy rainfall has a greater impact on your septic tank than you may imagine. Severe storms can go on continuously for hours and result in flooded streets, driveways, and lawns. Your only worry may be how you’re going to get to work in these unfavorable conditions or where to find an umbrella that can withstand the strong winds. One thing that many people seem to ignore is the effect storms have on their septic tank. After a serious storm, you should check on your septic system; it’s possible one of the following situations has occurred.

Septic System Back-Up

This problem is most likely to occur if your septic tank needed to be pumped prior to the storm. Excess water in the drainfield can can lead to water backing up into your home. You may realize that your sink and bath drains are draining slowly in addition to your toilet taking a while to flush. There may also be strange sounds coming from your plumbing system. These are all indications that your septic system is backed up.

There is no way to completely prevent this from happening but there are a few precautionary steps you can take:

● Pump your septic tank before the storm
● Redirect drain pipes away from septic system components
● Clear any debris from gutters

Compacted Soil

Excess rainfall can flood your lawn and cause the soil to compact. Compacted soil is dangerous because it can inhibit the drainfield’s ability to treat wastewater, close soil pores, and deny water access. A properly functioning drainfield uses aerobic bacteria in the soil for waste treatment. Excess water can dissolve the necessary bacteria while also clogging the pores of the soil. This can cause your drainfield to malfunction.

Debris in Septic Tank

Storms are known for their torrential winds as well as rainfall. Violent winds can break branches and cause a whirlwind of debris. This debris can get into your septic tank and lead to costly repairs if not addressed immediately. Debris in your septic tank can clog and disrupt your septic system, causing an interference in waterflow that can damage your entire septic system.

After the storm is over, it is suggested that you check your septic system to ensure it is functioning properly. Any discoveries should be addressed by a septic system professional who can accurately respond to the findings.

Major malfunctions are not always to blame for septic tank malfunctions. Sometimes slow flushing toilets and a clogged septic tank can be the result of build-up throughout your septic system. Maxx’s Products offers effective products that combat such issues. Our eco-friendly premium products are biodegradable and can clear your septic tank of unnecessary build-up by simply being flushed down the toilet furthest from your septic tank. Contact us to speak with a septic expert today!

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