Septic Owner – How Full Is Too Full?

If you’re a septic owner; it’s important to know how full is too full for your septic tank. You definitely need to make sure that it’s full.  But, what is the perfect level of “full”?  Maintaining your septic tanks effluent levels is probably the last thing on your mind. You might not even be aware this is something you need to maintain. However, as a homeowner you should know what the right levels are and how to maintain them.

Septic Tank levels

Regular Septic Maintenance

If you are not the type to clean your septic tank regularly, then chances are it is full. No, this doesn’t mean that it’s time to buy a new one!  It just means that you need to be aware of how much waste is there and what needs to happen before more can go in.  The perfect balance in the tank is at least half full but no more than 2/3rds full. An active Septic system that becomes inactive for an extended period of time will have low sewage levels.  This can affect the systems performance if it were to become active again. The same goes for a system that is active and being treated improperly.  It will have extremely high levels of wastewater which if not pumped out will back up into the house.

Septic Summer Saver!

Septic tanks can fill up quickly in the summer months. Especially when you use your kitchen sink every day.  Maxx’s Products has created a new line of environmentally friendly product including a drain opener, a garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer. Buy these products separately or choose our bundle package which includes Drain Opener & Cleaning Liquid, Garbage Disposal Deodorizer & Cleaning Liquid and Toilet Deodorizer & Cleaning Power Puck

Make sure to use our Maxx’s Products’s Monthly Septic Treatment to maintain your septic treatment and avoid costly backups.  Each packet contains over 5 billion bacteria spores and 200 times more enzymatic activity for better degradation of septic organics!  Our application-specific Bacteria and Enzymes combination is specifically formed & designed to treat your septic system!

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