Your septic system is a finely tuned machine in which all the components including the bacteria, oxygen, water, solids, plumbing, drain field, and more, need to be running in sync. If even one of these critical components are thrown off, it could mean thousands of dollars spent on septic system repairs. Oxygen is one of the most important components of all. It helps regulate the growth of bacteria, it affects the process of breaking down solids, and much more. These are oxygen’s two key roles in your septic system:

#1 Bacteria Regulation

Oxygen contributes to bacteria regulation in your septic system. If your system is too low on oxygen, it may be necessary to aerate your tank. Aeration is the process of introducing additional oxygen into your septic system. Having the right amount of oxygen in your septic tank helps to ensure that the bacteria which need oxygen to survive do not die. These oxygen-consuming bacteria are critical to the functioning of your septic system because they break down slime that naturally accumulates in your tank over time. Too much oxygen and you’ll get an overpopulation of bacteria, but too little oxygen and the slime will start to build up. If the slime builds up for too long, it can inhibit the soil’s ability to absorb moisture and cause your septic tank to overflow.

#2 Drain Field Maintenance

Oxygen also plays a major role in ensuring that your drainfield does not get clogged. This happens when the oxygen-rich water flows out of your tank and through your drainfield pipes. This flow of water brings many bacteria along with it. These bacteria thrive in the oxygen rich environment. As the bacteria run through your drainfield pipes, they help to break down any remaining solids or slime before they have a chance to cause a blockage.

If your septic system stops working, it may be because the balance of oxygen has been shifted – causing fewer bacteria, more solids, and a higher likelihood of blockages. Before resorting to expensive repairs, contact Maxx’s Products today to try one of our septic system cleaning products.

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