Both septic tank and garbage disposal systems are remarkably durable and resilient tools in your home. However, even the most resilient tools do wear down over time. With proper maintenance and care, you can dramatically increase the life of your septic system and your garbage disposal. Additionally, many individuals incorrectly believe that garbage disposal systems harm septic systems. The reality is, however, that with proper maintenance both systems are perfectly compatible.

Avoid Solid and Non-Biodegradable Objects

Your septic system works by allowing bacteria to decompose the material you send down your drain as it slowly sinks to the bottom of your tank. If the object is a heavy solid, it may sink too quickly and the bacterial will not have time to decompose it. Additionally, if you send something down that is not biodegradable, the bacteria will simply not be able to decompose it. In either case, the material will sink to the bottom and cause a buildup of sludge. Also, avoid running these objects through your garbage disposal:

  • Bones
  • Coffee grounds
  • Grease
  • Potato Peels
  • Hard shells

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

Keeping your disposal clean will greatly extend the life expectancy of your garbage disposal system. On occasion, try pouring a little dish soap down the disposal and let it run for about a minute while pouring some cold water down. Do this about once a week and avoid many possible garbage disposal problems in the future

Only Use Your Disposal While the Water is Running

Having the water running while you use your garbage disposal will help the mechanism run better and crush your garbage more efficiently. This way, the garbage that reaches your septic tank will be well crushed, making it easier for the bacteria in the tank to begin the decomposition process. Additionally, keeping the water running will make it less likely for your system to clog and help keep it clean.

Another great way to keep your septic system well maintained is to use one of of septic cleaning and maintenance products. Septic MAXX offers tons of products for almost any system which will keep your system clean and running smoothly. Contact us today and try one of our products.

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