You know that feeling when you’re in the shower and all of a sudden, your drain backs up?

It’s not just inconvenient, it’s gross. Few things are less comfortable than having hot water pouring down on you while you are ankle deep in lukewarm water. All because the hair from your wife or the dog clogged the drain. Let’s not forget how expensive clogged drains are too! The average cost to have a plumber come out is $150-$200 for an hour or more of work. 

All these reasons are why we created Drain Buzz – the first enzyme-based drain cleaner on the market that actually coats pipes like Teflon to prevent backups and costly plumbing repairs. Being an all-natural, enzyme-based drain cleaner, Drain Buzz is safe for both you and your plumbing system. It is also perfect for those who are environmentally conscious or have sensitive skin. Plus, it is effective at opening drains without the use of harsh chemicals!

We want you to enjoy your showers again without worrying about clogs or backups. You also deserve a clean home – one where there are not any nasty smells coming from the bathroom or kitchen sink. With Drain Buzz, you can get rid of odors and keep your pipes flowing smoothly with just one product or you can use our 3-1 Septic Safe Maintenance Plan for your total home needs!  So if you’re tired of dealing with slow drains, smelly drains, and expensive plumbing bills then order your bottle today! 

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